Our next speaker in the Know Thy Speaker series is Srijak Bhaumik
His talk is titled – Let the Machine THINK for You

What got you into Data Science/AI?
Through academics and curiosity, I was always interested in Data Mining and did my post-graduation specialization in it. The process of finding hidden data always fascinated me and so I perused my career on those lines and got introduced to the amazing world of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence: a big thanks to MUST Research Club for providing the platform for me to be introduced to a lot of like-minded data science enthusiasts to grow my skills and interest.

What is most exciting for you in Data Science/AI?
Finding hidden meanings and recognizing hidden patterns are the most exciting things to me in Data Science. Also, since I developed my career in building Data Science platforms in IBM, I get fascinated by the sheer volume of data and ways to handle them easily and make a seamless environment for Data Science enthusiasts to gain practical experience.

What do you think is the biggest challenge faced by Data Scientist today?
In my opinion, the sheer volume and randomness of data is one of the biggest challenges for Data Scientists, also the time they get to spend on managing the data is much more than the actual time they spend on gathering insights from it, which is not a good practice and through intelligent platforms, we can reduce that unnecessary time spent and make life simpler for Data Scientists.

What do you think is the biggest obstacle for Data Science/AI adoption?
I think it is mental block – till now, we are not able to make people trust machines fully. When you are assured of the security and you are able to trust the data ethics of a solution provider completely, then adopting Data Science is nothing but profitable to you. So, building that trust and security is the main obstacle in my opinion.

Which is your favorite session at ODSC India that you looking forward to attend?
The Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem driven by Data Science Community by Joy Mustafi. Joy has been a mentor to me all throughout my career, I idolize his wisdom in this field and getting to pick his mind is very exciting and I am looking forward to attend his session.

What got you interested to present at this conference?
ODSC is an exciting conference all over the world for people interested in Data Science. It is the first time that it is coming to India. I think that is reason enough to attend. To present in such a conference is a privilege in itself. I did not want to lose that opportunity and I thank ODSC India for approving my talk.