Our next speaker in the Know Thy Speaker series is Subramaniajeeva Kanadasamy
His talk is titled – Operating at scale with Elastic Search in production

What got you into Data Science/AI?
Working for a huge FinTech company like PayPal, where every decision is based out of data and where every move could result in gain or loss of $s, in my domain in specific, I started applying data science to uncover insights on the usage and access patterns in requests to elastic to scale up and down depending on the utilisation.

What is most exciting for you in Data Science/AI?
The use of statistical models in the industrial environment to derive insights out of the massive data streams for futuristic predictions excites me a lot to learn and leap.

What do you think is the biggest challenge faced by Data Scientist today?
1) Accessing data from multiple platforms and data sources.
2) Data Cleansing
3) Data deduplication

What do you think is the biggest obstacle for Data Science/AI adoption?
Companies willing to invest in data science with the trust in using the data for decision making.

You are traveling all the way from Chennai to Bangalore to present at ODSC India. What got you interested to present at this conference?
Hard earned knowledge is not meant to be hidden. The eagerness towards spreading knowledge was the main driving force for me to present in this conference.