Bengaluru | Aug 7 - 10, 2019

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Learn the latest models, advancements and trends from the top practitioners behind two of data science’s hottest topics

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

The Machine Learning & Deep Learning focus area is where experts in the rapidly expanding fields of Deep Learning and Machine Learning gather to discuss the latest advances, trends, and models in this exciting field.

Attend talks, tutorials and workshops and hear from the creators and top practitioners as they demonstrate and teach the latest models and trends in Machine Learning and Deep Learning to solve problems in business and society.

  • Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Neural Networks

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Computer Vision

  • Pattern Recognition

  • R

  • Python SciPy, Pandas, etc

  • Scikit-learn

  • Tensorflow

  • Spark

  • MLlib

  • H20

  • WEKA

  • Pylearn2

  • Theano

  • Caffe

  • Torch

  • Azure Machine Learning API

  • and many more..

Sample of Past Speakers

Andreas Mueller, PhD
Andreas Mueller, PhD

Core Contributor to scikit-learn

Columbia Center for Data Science

Marsal Galvada, PhD
Marsal Galvada, PhD

Head of Machine Learning at Square

Michael Tamir, PhD
Michael Tamir, PhD

Head of Data Science at Uber

Sihem Romdhani
Sihem Romdhani

Software Engineer at Veeva Systems

Victor Lo, PhD
Victor Lo, PhD

Head of Data Science & AI at Fidelity Investments

Maya Gupta, PhD
Maya Gupta, PhD

Glassbox ML R&D Team Lead at Google

Jeffrey Yau, PhD
Jeffrey Yau, PhD

Chief Data Scientist at AB

Michael Segala
Michael Segala

CEO at SFL Scientific

Francesco Mosconi, PhD
Francesco Mosconi, PhD

Data Scientist, Consultant, and Trainer at CATALIT

ODSC India Speakers coming soon
Jose Portilla
Jose Portilla

Head of Data Science at Pierian Data Inc.

Viral Shah, PhD
Viral Shah, PhD

Co-founder, CEO at Julia Computing, Inc.

Joshua Bloom, PhD
Joshua Bloom, PhD

VP Data Analytics at GE

Joshua Gordon
Joshua Gordon

Machine Learning Lead at Google

You Will Meet

  • Top speakers and practitioners in Machine Learning and Deep Learning

  • Data Scientists and Data Analysts

  • Decision makers

  • Software Developers focused on Machine Learning and Deep Learning

  • Data Science Innovators

  • CEOs, CTOs, CIOs

  • Industry leaders

  • Core contributors in the field of Machine Learning and Deep Learning

  • Data Science Enthusiasts

Why Attend?

Immerse yourself in talks, tutorials and workshops on Machine Learning and Deep Learning tools, topics, models and advanced trends

Expand your network and connect with like minded attendees to discover how Machine Learning and Deep Learning knowledge can transform not only your data models but also business and career

Meet and connect with the core contributors and top practitioners in the expanding and exciting field of Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Learn how the rapid rise of intelligent machines is revolutionizing how we make sense of data in the real world and its coming impact on the domains of business, society, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and more

Here are Samples of What you’ll Learn

  • Workshop: A Primer on Neural Network Models for Natural Language Processing

  • Workshop: Multivariate Time Series Forecasting Using Statistical and Machine Learning Models

  • Talk: Deep Learning Pipelines for Big Images: How to Revolutionize an Industry

  • Training: Pre-trained models, transfer learning and advanced keras features

  • Workshop: Latest developments in GANs

  • Talk: Data Science at Square: from Menu Recommendations to Economic Empowerment

  • Workshop: Applying Deep Learning to Article Embedding for Fake News Evaluation

  • Workshop: Deep Learning Methods for Text Classification

  • Workshop: Using AWS SageMaker, Kubernetes, and PipelineAI for High Performance, Hybrid-Cloud Distributed TensorFlow Model Training and Serving with GPUs

  • Talk: Machine learning for mobile sensing applications

  • Talk: Machine learning and Natural Language Processing for Detecting Fake News

  • And many more!

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