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Data Science Kick Starter

Kick-Start Your Data Science Career

Learn Essential Skills to Kick Start Your Career

Data Science skills are in ever-increasing demand. Whether you are beginning your data science career, a software engineer eager to augment your skills, or even a business professional looking beyond the hype, our Kick Starter track is for you.

Accelerated Learning with a one-day dedicated deep-dive session by our expert speakers

The Data Science Kick Starter track offers introductory level talks, tutorials, and workshops to get you started. Our expert speakers and presenters offer world-class instruction and provide invaluable insights to help you learn what matters most.  We cover the most important tools, topics, and techniques in use to ensure you are ready to hit the ground running.

  • Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Neural Networks

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Computer Vision

  • Pattern Recognition

  • R

  • Python SciPy, Pandas, etc

  • Scikit-learn

  • Tensorflow

  • Spark

  • MLlib

  • H20

  • WEKA

  • Pylearn2

  • Theano

  • Caffe

  • Torch

  • Azure Machine Learning API

  • and many more..


Dr. Om Deshmukh
Dr. Om Deshmukh

Sr. Director @ Envestnet | Yodlee

Nirav Shah
Nirav Shah

Founder @ OnPoint Insights

Kavita Dwivedi
Kavita Dwivedi

Data Science Head @ Infinite-Sum Modelling

Gurram Poorna Prudhvi
Gurram Poorna Prudhvi

Machine Learning Engineer @ mroads

Ramanathan R
Ramanathan R

Director & Co-Founder @ Zentropy Technologies

Here Is What You’ll Learn

  • Tutorial: Key Principles to Succeed in Data Science

    Building a successful career in the field of data science needs a lot more than just a thorough understanding of the various machine learning models. One has to also undergo a paradigm shift with regards to how you would typically approach any technical problems.

    We will discuss how seemingly disjoint components of the digital ecosystem are working together to make data-driven decision making central to every functional aspect of every business vertical.

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  • Workshop: Building a Scorecard using Python

    Financial Scorecards are used by banking organizations to judge the financial stability of their portfolio and take business decisions. 

    The workshop will guide you through the EDA process using Python and will show the different kind of visualizations that can enable better data understanding.

    While building this scorecard, we will demonstrate the outcomes of 3 different Machine Learning algorithms; Random Forest, Support Vector Machine and Gradient Boosting.

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  • Workshop: Time Series analysis in Python

    Time series analysis has been around for centuries helping us to solve from astronomical problems to business problems and advanced scientific research around us now. Time stores precious information, which most machine learning algorithms don’t deal with. Time series can be applied to various fields like economy forecasting, budgetary analysis, sales forecasting, census analysis and much more.

    We will look at how to dive deep into time series data and make use of deep learning to make accurate predictions.

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Why Attend?

Immerse yourself in talks, tutorials, and workshops on Machine Learning and Deep Learning tools, topics, models and advanced trends

Expand your network and connect with like- minded attendees to discover how Machine Learning and Deep Learning knowledge can transform not only your data models but also your business and career

Meet and connect with the core contributors and top practitioners in the expanding and exciting field of Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Learn how the rapid rise of intelligent machines is revolutionizing how we make sense of data in the real world and its coming impact on the domains of business, society, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and more

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