Bengaluru | Aug 7 - 10, 2019

AI for Engineers

Learn the essentials to become a skilled Artificial Intelligence Engineer

AI Engineer

With the rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence comes rising demand for AI engineers. Ubiquitous AI-driven software that utilizes deep learning and machine learning models to enable conversational AI, autonomous machines, machine vision, and other AI technologies requires serious engineering. These projects of the future promise to be some of the most exciting jobs in software engineering today.

An AI Engineer works at the intersection of engineering and data science. At ODSC, build on your coding skills to engineer the next generation of artificial intelligence-enabled software. From leading experts, learn everything from data wrangling, modeling, and workflow to essential deep learning and machine learning frameworks.

  • Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Neural Networks

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Computer Vision

  • Pattern Recognition

  • R

  • Python SciPy, Pandas, etc

  • Scikit-learn

  • Tensorflow

  • Spark

  • MLlib

  • H20

  • WEKA

  • Pylearn2

  • Theano

  • Caffe

  • Torch

  • Azure Machine Learning API

  • and many more..

Sample of Past Speakers

Andreas Mueller, PhD
Andreas Mueller, PhD

Core Contributor to scikit-learn

Columbia Center for Data Science

Marsal Galvada, PhD
Marsal Galvada, PhD

Head of Machine Learning at Square

Michael Tamir, PhD
Michael Tamir, PhD

Head of Data Science at Uber

Sihem Romdhani
Sihem Romdhani

Software Engineer at Veeva Systems

ODSC India Speakers coming soon
Maya Gupta, PhD
Maya Gupta, PhD

Glassbox ML R&D Team Lead at Google

Jeffrey Yau, PhD
Jeffrey Yau, PhD

Chief Data Scientist at AB

Michael Segala
Michael Segala

CEO at SFL Scientific

Francesco Mosconi, PhD
Francesco Mosconi, PhD

Data Scientist, Consultant, and Trainer at CATALIT

Joshua Gordon
Joshua Gordon

Machine Learning Lead at Google

Jose Portilla
Jose Portilla

Head of Data Science at Pierian Data Inc.

Viral Shah, PhD
Viral Shah, PhD

Co-founder, CEO at Julia Computing, Inc.

Joshua Bloom, PhD
Joshua Bloom, PhD

VP Data Analytics at GE

What You'll Learn

Talks + Workshops + Special Events on these topics:

AI for Engineers Topics

  • What is AI Engineering 

  • Becoming an AI Engineer

  • Data Science at Scale 

  • Machine Learning for Engineers

  • Deep Learning for Engineers

  • Machine Vision and Autonomous Machines

  • NLP and Speech Recognition

  • and more…

Languages & Frameworks

  • Python SciPy, Pandas, PyMC3, etc

  • R Programming, Keras, CARET

  • Scikit-learn, PyTorch

  • Tensorflow, MXNet, Caffe 2.0, CNTK

  • Spark, MLlib, Storm, Hadoop, Mahout

  • Kubernetes, Kafka, Zeppelin, Ignite

  • Julia, Java, Jupyter Notebooks, NoSql, Neo4J

  • Julia, Java, Jupyter Notebooks, NoSql, Neo4J

You Will Meet

  • Some of the world’s leading AI experts

  • Some of the best minds and authors behind today’s most popular AI platforms

  • Artificial Ingelligence and data science innovators

  • Data science & analytics specialists

  • Developers, engineers, and programmers looking to build AI enabled software

  • Hundreds of attendees focused on AI engineering

  • CTOs and Chief Data Scientists from startups and Fortune 500 companies

  • Data scientists, data engineers, and AI platform experts

  • Peers from startups to Fortune 500 companies wrestling with large sets of consumer data

  • Representatives from government agencies, universities, and other large institutions

Why Attend?

Immerse yourself in talks, tutorials, and workshops on Machine Learning and Deep Learning tools, topics, models, and advanced trends

Expand your network and connect with like- minded attendees to discover how Machine Learning and Deep Learning knowledge can transform not only your data models but also your business and career

Meet and connect with the core contributors and top practitioners in the expanding and exciting field of Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Learn how the rapid rise of intelligent machines is revolutionizing how we make sense of data in the real world and its growing impact on the domains of business, society, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and more

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